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People management during the Covid19 lockdown

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of optimal human functioning. It aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and organizations to flourish, and above all to create a solid base of resources to be used in critical situations such as the one we are experiencing.

In these times of uncertainty, health and economic crisis, the factors and resources for the positive adaptation of individuals and organisations are well tested and everyone talks about this 'famous' process of resilience: how to succeed in adapting and developing good solutions in a potentially dangerous environment.

In this context, PPL asbl publishes and communicates its first survey dedicated to the management of teams and people during lockdown.

The survey carried out among a small sample of team leaders, managers and company directors was particularly focused on the experience of the managers, the implemented measures and their learning during this very special period.

The results confirm the high impact of lockdown on the way of working with the (rapid) implementation of teleworking solutions, whether partial or total.

“The lockdown revealed how well or bad the team was working before", declared one of the managers interviewed.

This sums up the main learning points mentioned in the survey:

  • The team and the individuals making part if it have the capacity to adapt to new situations and new challenges.

  • Feelings and emotions have a great impact on the quality of work and the quality of life of individuals.

  • Human skills, and in particular the ability to adapt to change, are essential in this new context.

Throughout this period of confinement, the team leaders made sure to keep the team members connected and to communicate in a more personal and empathic way.

According to the PPL survey, in half of the cases, the initiatives taken by managers to promote the mental well-being of their employees during this period was their own initiative.

The results, in conjunction with other studies carried out in Luxembourg, suggest that certain market characteristics deteriorated (emotional load and participation in the decision-making process), while others helped to improve it (teleworking and flexibility).

The most surprising thing is that only 28% of our respondents said they measured the impact of the implemented measures. Therefore, we wonder whether this is related to this specific situation or that, in general, the impact of people management interventions is not measured....

For Dana Moldoveanu, president of PPL asbl, the value of the survey lies in the concrete view of the managers' experiences:

“Positive Psychology is driven by scientific methods and research therefore, besides our own experience and that of our clients, we wanted to extend our knowledge and understanding about the people management practices during lockdown. We also wanted to mix descriptive statistics where we lose some edges and details with qualitative research, where managers could express themselves at a subjective level. Covid-19 lookdown affected everyone but in different ways and we wanted to have that level of detail. As our members are mainly self-employed professionals working with companies (or people working in organizations), it gave us a better understanding of the needs of managers that are the pylons of organizational development and stability. The survey was also conceptualized in a way to offer a space for self-reflection and learning for the participants. The report could be the starting point for the implementations of new measures for growth and for organizational development and resilience during uncertain times.”

Our recommendations for the current and future situation concern:

Overcoming feelings of uncertainty, fostering imagination and creativity to implement new solutions, fostering spaces for resilience and caring communication.

Implementing in preventive manner programs for mental health in companies with innovative and collaborative approaches.

If you would like to read the report you can downloaded bellow and for further info, please contact us at

Final_PPL covid report_rev-september 202
Download • 6.17MB

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