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The Association of Positive Psychology Luxembourg is a network of people passionate about the role positive psychology plays in all aspects of our lives.

Are you studying or qualified in positive psychology? Do you want to collaborate with other people on projects that will make a bigger impact? Are you interested to learn, share or apply the science of well-being at individual or organisational level, in education and health? Our membership is open to everyone who has an interest in positive psychology.

All members get access to a range of benefits, information, and events provided by our various positive psychology communities.

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Students on a Break

Active Members

Active membership is open to persons who can demonstrate detailed knowledge and use of positive psychology principles either personally or professionally and who wish to be actively involved in the activities of the association

€75 per year

Group Discussion

Affiliate Members

Affiliate membership is open to persons with an interest and connection to positive psychology in either a personal or professional way 

75 per year


Honorary Members

Honorary membership is recognition of significant contribution to the advancement or communication of positive psychology knowledge or practice either by research, teaching, publications or public service, or by organising and developing the work of others.


Board Members

The Board Members of the Association of Positive Psychology Luxembourg are committed to promoting positive psychology in Luxembourg as well as offering further training and education. 

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Founding Members

Positive Psychology Association Luxembourg was founded in 2019 by a small group of people interested in positive psychology. The group elected 9 individuals as founding members, with Dana Moldoveanu Brandes as the first president. 

Students on a Break

Student Members

Student membership is open to students across all learning disciplines who are interested in learning more about the  application of positive psychology 

€10 per year


Sponsor Members

Sponsor members are local organisations and enterprises who as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility contribute to the development of the association and are committed to applying our values.

active members 2024


Dana Moldoveanu Brandes

President & active member


Suzanne Karsai

Secretary & active member


Andreea Cimpoesu

Tresury & active member


Věra Kristensen

Board & active member


Laura Lane

Board & active member


Frederika Roberts

Communication & Active Member


Jannie Stricker

Active Member

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