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2024 the year of Achievement 

20th of March 2024 General Assembley of PPL members 

Saturday 27th of April: workshop The Human Empowerment by Miriam Vetrano . Registration are open:

April to November 5 sessions of Peer supervision for coaches, psychologists and coaching psychologists facilitated by Andreea Cimpoesu & Dana Brandes. If you are interested please fill in this form:

1h workshop at the European Conference of Positive Psychology presenting our experience (intervention and results) of #Resilience & #Well-being programme for parents (that we had running from 2021 to 2023). The 11th European Conference on Positive Psychology (ECPP 2024) will take place from 10th to 13th of July, 2024 in Innsbruck, Austria.

1st of October: Workshop presenting research results of Laura Lane (MAPP) on "Exploring the Relationship Between Attitudes Towards Ageing and Psychological Well-Being”

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