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Three good things (per week) by PPL (1/2019)

Today we are starting a weekly habit for PPL social media. Every Monday we will publish a post with 3 good things that happen the week before. The 3 good things will be events, situations, projects, thoughts related to Luxembourg, to our PPL asbl and our members and to positive psychology (PP) in general.

Why 3 good things? Because this is one of the most famous intervention of PP with long lasting increase of mental well-being (You can see here the explanation from Seligman himself:

This does not mean we are about to ignore the bad things, it is only we are willing to bring a balance…as usually our news and observations are easily focusing on the bad tings.

So, what are the three good things this week?

1. We started this 3 good things post ;)

2. Last week we had a PPL members meeting to know each other, share what we do and what we would like to do together. During this meeting besides summer drinks and positive vibes we shared on ideas for events, projects and articles we would like to share and put in practice starting with September. We also had an exchange on what are the main 10 positive emotions and on different PP interventions. Overall we had a great time together!

3. We are 16 members already and two more memberships are pending to be approved on the 20th of August during the next PPL Board meeting.

We are inviting you to contribute to our list with your own three good things!

May the good vibes be with you ;) this week!

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