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How to keep or improve your mental health?

The autumn started in Luxembourg with CNS announcing in a press release that the negotiations with the federation of psychotherapist has failed and therefore for the moment they will not cover the psychotherapy. This is practically a bad news as there is no coverage for mental health in Luxembourg. Nor for treatment (except going to a psychiatrist) nor for prevention (except a few initiatives like d'Ligue which are not sufficient).

As you can imagine most of the time we think of consulting a psychiatrist or psychotherapist when we are already not well. We all know and feel that during covid and now after covid crisis more and more people felt unwell mentally... or it is now they feel certain consequence. The need for mental health services is there.

At PPL we talk, promote and share with people information and activities about prevention along with things about resilience, wellbeing and flourishing...It is our dream to have covered interventions or activities that will help people manage stress and difficult situations, help them become more resilient and develop strategies that will increase their life satisfaction. With the effort of our members, we managed last year, and we continue this year and the next to provide a very low costs Resilience and Wellbeing Program with subsidies from Oeuvre.

Mental health and health in general is important and it should be a priority for everyone.

We want to propose you two things: (1) a list of activities that help maintain your mental health and even combat some mental health issues; (2) PPL activities and services of our active members.

Here is a the proposed list of activities. You can add also others based on what you practice or read about it.

1. Physical activity (every day a minimum of 30'): walk a part of the way to work, walk in the parc around your house or in the forest, hiking, practice Qi Gong, Tai Qi, yoga, dance, gardening etc

2. Practice daily mindfulness or meditation (even for a few minutes),

3. Use your character strengths and use them with mindfulness,

4. Introduce in your daily activities a positive psychology intervention (like gratitude letters, three good things or love& kindness meditation)

5. Work with a mental coach or psychologist for general personal development, wellbeing, life-work balance etc

6. Register to some or all of our workshops we launch this autumn!

In spite of the bad news announced today in Luxembourg, we take advantage to let everyone know that our active members are here for you to support and prevent developing mental illness, to maintaining and improving your well-being and resilience, learning new skills and tools that will help you go through whatever happens in your life at the moment. We all do our best to obtain subsides and offer these services to those who usually do not afford them at affordable prices as well as for those who can afford but do not know where to start.

Here is our team and their competence:

Dana Moldoveanu Brandes: founding member and president of PPL. She is a psychologist specialised in positive psychology, EMDR therapy and coaching. Hold a master degree in Applied Positive psychology and she is accredited coach with EMCC at Senior level. (EN; FR; RO; IT)

Nadege Ravoux: founding member and member of the board. She is an experienced coach accredited EMCC at Senior level & trainer and sophrologies. (FR; EN: RO)

Maria Grazia Serra: founding member and member of the board she is a coach, trainer and HR professional using Character Strengths interventions, Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice as well as other positive psychology tools in her practice. (IT; FR; EN)

Suzanne Karsai: founding member and member of the board she is a mediator (accredited cross-border mediator), trainer, relationship coach and Happiness training facilitator. (EN, HU; FR)

Jannie Strickler is a positive psychology coach EMCC accredited at Practitioner and consultant holding a Master in Applied positive psychology and coaching psychology using Character Strengths interventions, laughter yoga and other positive psychology tools to bring wellbeing at work. (EN and Danish)

Vera Kristensen is a psychologist, resilience trainer and translator. She works with bereaved children as well as with everyone willing to increase their resilience at work or general in life. (EN, CZ, Nor)

Kehdija Pereira - coach using NLP and positive psychology tolls, laugher yoga instructor and sopfrolosit she likes to work intergenerationally with elder as well as younger persons. (FR)

Andreea Cimpoesu si an executive and team coach (accredited by ICF at PCC level) using positive psychology to work with women to develop their leadership skills and general integration different styles of leadership within companies. (EN, RO)

Florance Delacour - is a positive change executive coach and appreciative inquiry certified practitioner having extensive experience leading change management projects in organisations. (FR)

Beside the active members presented above, we also have 12 affiliate members, many of them providing support and services to their clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will put you in contact with the appropriate practitioner.

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