Positive Psychology, the “science and practice of improving wellbeing' is an area of research in academic psychology.


Spanning a vast array of topics including flourishing, meaning, strengths and positive relationships and it recognises the inevitability of difficult and challenging circumstances across the lifespan and their role in human development.


As the Positive Psychology Association of Luxembourg, we strive to make positive psychology accessible to a wider audience in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

We are a non-profit association founded in 2019. Our aim is to share knowledge and research on positive psychology with all who have an interest in the subject.


We aim to promote the application of positive psychology in practice, e.g. in coaching, counselling and psychotherapy, leadership, teamwork and business, and in education.

We do hope you will join us.

Dana Moldoveanu Brandes

President of PPL


areas of interest

promoting the application of positive psychology in practice



Adopting a scientifically-rooted approach to helping individuals, couples and families increase well-being, resilience and achievement.


Developing and applying positive psychology principles in the workplace to improve individual, team and organizational well-being and performance.



Applying positive psychology in formal and informal educational settings to support wellbeing, character and the resilience of students, staff and educational organisations.  



Using positive psychology to advance human longevity, quality of life, physiological and psychological wellbeing.



Developing an understanding of the reality of ageing and applying techniques drawn from positive psychology to build emotional wellbeing and resilience to better negotiate challenges later in life.


Mental Health

Advancing the professional, ethical, effective and evidence-based  practice of positive psychology principles in clinical settings.


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