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L’association de Psychologie Positive Luxembourg est un réseau de personnes passionnées par le rôle que joue la psychologie positive dans tous les aspects de vos vies.

Etes-vous étudiant ou qualifié en psychologie positive ? Etes-vous intéressé par l’impact que peut avoir la psychologie positive sur les individus, les organisations, l’éducation et la santé ? L’adhésion à notre association sans but lucratif est ouverte à toute personne ayant un intérêt dans la psychologie positive.

Tous les membres ont accès à un éventail de bénéfices, d’information et d’événements fournis par les différents membres et communautés concernés par la psychologie positive.


Students on a Break

Les Membres Actifs

L’adhésion en tant que membre actif est ouverte aux personnes ayant démontré une connaissance détaillée et une utilisation des principes de la psychologie positive soit personnellement ou professionnellement et qui souhaitent s’impliquer de façon active dans les activités de l’association.

€75 par an

Group Discussion

Les Membres Affiliése 

L’adhésion en tant que membre affilié est ouverte aux personnes ayant un intérêt et un lien avec la psychologie positive  soit dans leur vie professionnelle ou personnelle.

75 par an


Membres Honoraires

La qualité de membre honoraire est une reconnaissance de la contribution importante apportée à l’avancement ou à la communication des connaissances ou de la pratique de la psychologie positive, que ce soit par la recherche, l’enseignement, des publications ou le service public, ou en organisant et développant le travail d’autres personnes.


Membres du Bureau Directeur

Les membres du bureau directeur de l’Association Psychologie Positif Luxembourg s’engagent à promouvoir la psychologie positive au Luxembourg et à proposer des formations continues

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Membres Fondateurs

L'Association de psychologie positive du Luxembourg a été fondée en 2019 par un petit groupe de personnes intéressées par la psychologie positive. Le groupe a élu 9 membres fondateurs, Dana Moldoveanu Brandes en étant le premier president.

Students on a Break

Les étudiants

L’adhésion en tant qu’étudiant est ouvert aux étudiants de toutes disciplines, intéressés par en savoir davantage sur la science et les applications de la psychologie positive.ent membership is open to students across all learning disciplines who are interested in learning more about the  application of positive psychology.

€10 par an


Les Membres ‘Sponsors’

Les membres sponsors ou parrains sont des organisations locales et des entreprises qui dans le cadre de leur responsabilité sociale contribuent au développement de l’association et s’engagent à appliquer nos valeurs.

les membres du bureau directeur


Dana Moldoveanu Brandes

President & active member


Suzanne Karsai

Secretary & active member


Andreea Cimpoesu

Tresury & active member


Věra Kristensen

Board & active member


Laura Lane

Board & active member


Frederika Roberts

Communication & Active Member


Jannie Stricker

Active Member

les membres honoraires 

Honorary Members
Profile pic ER_edited_edited.jpg

Dr Evie Rosset


Evie is particularly interested in societal applications of Positive Psychology, and how individuals can be agents for social change. She teaches as part of the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology, at Anglia Ruskin University and is the founder of Maac Lab, which promotes social engagement for individual and collective wellbeing (

Delle Fave_edited.jpg

Antonelle Delle Fave MD


Antonella Delle Fave, MD specialized in Clinical Psychology, is a professor of Psychology at the Medical School, University of Milano, Italy.


Her research work is centered on the study of flow,  mental health indicators and daily experience fluctuation across cultures and among individuals experiencing conditions of diversity and adversity.


She is involved in research and intervention projects focused on the promotion of resilience and psychological resources among patients with chronic diseases and their family caregivers.


Together with international partners she launched and implemented the “Eudaimonic and Hedonic Happiness Investigation” research project, aimed at identifying well-being components across cultures and currently involving researchers from 18 countries.


Her scientific production includes papers in international peer-reviewed journals, as well as authored and edited international books. She was founding member and President of the Società Italiana di Psicologia Positiva (SIPP). She served as President of the International Positive Psychology Association (2009-2011) and of the European Network of Positive Psychology (2006-2010). Since 2010 she is Editor in Chief of the Journal of Happiness Studies.


Dr Ilona Boniwell

We are delighted to welcome Dr Ilona Boniwell as one of our honorary members. 

Dr Ilona Boniwell is one of the world leaders in the field of positive psychology, who founded and headed the first Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) in Europe.


Nowadays, Ilona is the General Manager of Positran, which provides specialised consulting services, education, training, and products in the areas of positive psychology, well-being, personal and organisational change, executive coaching, leadership, resilience and positive education all over the world.


Ilona heads the International MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (I-MAPP) at Anglia Ruskin University (UK and France), teaches Positive Management at Ecole Centrale Paris and HEC Business School, writes a monthly column for Psychologies (UK and Russia), and consults around the world as the director of Positran.


Her main teaching expertise lies in the areas of positive psychology and positive scholarship, with research interests around: subjective time use, time perspective, eudaimonic well-being and applications of positive psychology to business, one-to-one work and education.

itai 2_edited.jpg

Dr Itai Ivtzan

We are delighted to welcome Dr Itai Ivtzan as one of our honorary members. 

Dr Itai Ivtzan is the director and founder of the School of Positive Transformation and its senior trainer. He is a positive psychologist and a mindfulness teacher and researcher at Naropa University.


Itai believes that positive psychology is magical because it has the power to fill our lives with meaning, resilience, and joy. His approach is entirely research-based, making it well-grounded and applicable.


Over the past 20 years, Itai has run positive psychology and mindfulness training courses, seminars, lectures, workshops and retreats around the world. He is a leading expert in positive psychology, written five books, and a regular keynote speaker at conferences.


Most importantly, Itai loves creating transformational courses to provide you with a platform into positive change.


Ryan M. Niemiec, Psy.D.

Ryan M. Niemiec, Psy.D. is a leading figure in the education, research, and practice of character strengths that are found in all human beings.


He’s education director of the VIA Institute on Character, a global, non-profit organization in Cincinnati that leads the advancement of the science of character strengths.


Ryan is author of 9 books including the brand new consumer-oriented books The Power of Character Strengths (a #1 Amazon bestseller) and The Strengths-Based Workbook for Stress Relief, as well as practitioner-focused books that are leaders in their respective fields including, Character Strengths Interventions, Mindfulness and Character Strengths, and Positive Psychology at the Movies.

Ryan has penned over 80 scholarly/peer-reviewed articles and given more than 700 workshops, keynotes, and webinars on positive psychology topics across the globe. He’s an award-winning psychologist, certified coach, annual instructor at the University of Pennsylvania, and adjunct professor at Xavier University.


Ryan received a “distinguished early career award” from the American Psychological Association in 2011, and was granted Fellow status of the International Positive Psychology Association in 2017.

He lives with his wife and 3 young and zestful children near Cincinnati, Ohio.

les membres fondateurs

founding members
Thoughtful Male



Thoughtful Male



Portrait of Middle Aged Woman
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Maria G.JPG

Maria Grazia


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PIC Sarah AGM 2018_edited_edited.jpg






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